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Eureka Therapeutics has developed a unique strategy for engineering T cell therapies against solid tumors.

Our proprietary science platform enables the targeting of previously inaccessible intracellular antigens by engineering human antibodies against peptide-MHC complexes.

Combined with our novel T cell signaling platform, ARTEMIS, we aim to improve upon the efficacy and safety of current T cell therapies .

Intracellular Targets

Our antibodies can effectively reach inside a cancer cell to recognize cancer-specific proteins and then mobilize the immune system to attack.

The majority of cancer-specific antigens are intracellular proteins that are “undruggable” with conventional antibodies or T cell therapies.  We overcome this by engineering T cell receptor (TCR)-like antibodies against cancer antigen-derived peptides presented in the context of MHCI molecules.

As proteins inside the cell get broken down during normal cellular functions, fragments of these proteins (peptides) are carried to the cell surface by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules.  When T cells recognize these fragments as abnormal, they kill the diseased cell.


Our human antibody discovery platform

M13 phage infected SET2 cancer cells

Eureka’s proprietary E-ALPHA® phage display platform is designed for generating high-affinity human antibodies against both conventional and intracellular cancer antigens.

Our novel high-throughput specificity-screening platform uses cell and protein arrays to ensure that our T cell therapies are exquisitely precise in binding their designated target.

Eureka’s extensive experience in antibody engineering enables the design of novel T cell therapies against challenging targets

Novel T cell signaling platform: ARTEMIS

One of the challenges facing T cell therapies is the risk of hyper-activation which can lead to the release of toxic levels of inflammatory cytokines

Eureka has developed a novel receptor that better regulates T cell activation and cytokine release upon engagement with tumor cells, without sacrificing potency


T Cell Therapy

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