Our ARTEMIS® platform is a novel proprietary technology platform that was designed to utilize the natural biology of T-cells to fight cancer. By coupling T-cell activation with cell-intrinsic regulation mechanisms, we have designed the ARTEMIS® receptor to provide a potentially safer and more effective T-cell therapy. Our design has the potential to greatly reduce or eliminate cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and other life-threatening cytokine-related toxicities that have been observed with other CAR-Ts.

The ARTEMIS® platform has two core functional components: An antibody-based antigen-binding domain and an effector domain. The design of ARTEMIS® receptor allows it to engage pathways of activation and regulation normally employed by endogenous TCRs. Because our design does not directly couple intracellular signaling domains to co-stimulatory domains, it has the potential to eliminate T-cell hyperactivation and consequently, CRS.