Magnified ADCC through Glycosylation Engineering

Eureka’s MAGE 1.5 cell line is a proprietary technology platform for the enhancement of antibody ADCC activity through Fc glycosylation engineering.

Antibody cancer drugs have varying efficacy depending on a patient’s genetic makeup. In the case of Herceptin (a metastatic breast cancer antibody drug), progression-free survival after four years of treatment can differ between 8% and 60%, depending on a single amino acid difference in a patient’s CD16 gene product. Rituxan (an antibody treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and Erbitux (an antibody treatment for colon cancer), exhibit a similar phenomenon.

The enhancement of ADCC activity is a widely-pursued strategy to overcome patients’ individual genetic differences.  Eureka’s MAGE 1.5 ADCC enhancement platform generates improved antibody drug efficacy, regardless of a patient’s CD16 polymorphism.

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